Choose your DAW!

A DAW or Digital Audio Workstation is the software program you use to create your music. If you’re confused, don’t worry. DAW is just atechnical term for recording software. There are great free options like Ardour or Podium Free that come with all of the basic tools you’ll need to get started. If you want something with a bit more than just the basics, most DAWs have a free trial period in which to try them out. DAWs have made music creation more accessible than ever before and not enough they’re only getting more powerful! I will present you 3 different DAWs which you should check out! There are differences in the visual experience, the possabilties or the worflow which make every DAW unique. Go for the DAW that you feel the most comfy with. Whether you’re just start a song, or if you are about to reach that final mastering step, you’ll need music recording software to make your vision into a reality.

FL Studio

FL Studio aka Fruity Loops is unique as a DAW thanks to its pattern-based step sequencer concept, which is reminiscent of groove boxes, and makes programming beats child’s play. The pattern sequences can be arranged into songs with a user-friendly brush tool and a flexible playlist (arrangement view), in which each track can contain MIDI, audio and automation at the same time. Not least because of this extremely simple composition concept, Fruity does not really get rid of its reputation as a beginner DAW for “hip-hop kiddies”. And that, although the range of functions can easily keep up with many DAWs. You can get it here.


The creative DAW “Live” by Ableton is, as the name suggests, for performers and producers who design the song structure live and do not follow the usual linear composition approach. Several clips of different tracks can be played in scenes, which makes the song structure, i.e. the arrangement, faster and allows experimentation and improvisation while the song continues in the loop. The whole thing works with both MIDI and audio recordings. The DAW also enables digital DJing and live remixing, which is why it fights for a place in the hearts of producers and DJs in the EDM area, especially for producers and DJs. You can get Ableton here.

Magix Music Maker

This DAW is extremely simple, extremely fast: You can build beats in no time. There are masses of sound pools from the most emotional music development directors, infinite sounds and loops. No matter whether you want to make house, trap, EDM, 80s music or reggae. Perfect for beginners and film music makers. As usual, it is aimed less at professional musicians than at interested amateurs who want to make music quickly and easily. However, the interface now looks fresher and more modern, and the user can freely adapt it to his own wishes. This makes the creative workflow more pleasant and fluid. Get yours here.